Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development
Department of Livestock Services
Animal Disease Investigation and Control Division
Veterinary Epidemiology Section
Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Senior Veterinary Officer

Dr. Mukul Upadhyaya
Senior Veterinary Officer

Information Officer


#Id Title Downloads
61 Manual for Epidemiological Reporting and Disease Recognition
60 Bird flu EDIT legal format-sample
59 Follow up Report 6 HPAI(H5N1)-2022
58 Follow up Report 5 HPAI(H5N1)-2022
57 Follow up Report 4 HPAI(H5N1)-2022
56 Follow up Report 3 HPAI(H5N1)-2022
55 Follow up Report 2 HPAI(H5N1)-2022
51 Request to local level and Veterinary Hospital and Livestock service Expert center
50 Monthly Epidemiological Reporting Format
49 DLS shasarta budget karyavayan karyabidhi 2078.79
48 Outbreak investigation format for Rabies
47 Lumpy Skin Disease follow up Report 1
44 Lumpy skin Disease Immediate Notification to OIE
43 Format for Immediate Notification report
42 Epidemiological Reporting Format
40 Outbreak Investigation Format_PPR
39 Outbreak Investigation Format_FMD
28 AI Surveillance Download
27 Epidemiological Reporting codes_VEC for local level
21 Quarterly Animal Health E-Bulletin (Sep-Dec 2017)